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  • Address: 220013 Minsk, Str. Belomorskaya, 18

    Phone/fax: (8-017) 290-07-66

    E-mail: info@ipps.by

Leaders Company

  • Director: Michailovski Igor Anatolevich
    Cabinet №209
    e-mail: mia@ipps.by
    Reception of citizens on personal matters - 4th Tuesday of the month 16-00 to 20-00

  • Deputy director: Shnipov Sergey Aleksandrovich
    Cabinet №207
    Phone: (8-017) 290-07-66
    e-mail: shsa@ipps.by
    Reception of citizens on personal matters - 2th Tuesday of the month 16-00 to 20-00

  • Pre-registration for admission to personal issues with the director or his deputy made by phone: 290-07-65

Research and design of integrated systems

  • Department head: Alena Sviryd Albertovna
    Cabinet №420
    Phone: (8-017) 292-57-86
    e-mail: ElenaAS@ipps.by

  • Deputy Head of Department: Sharpio Arkadi Gustovich
    Cabinet №413
    Phone: (8-017) 290-07-87

Research and development of management systems and accounting entities

  • Department head: Riabtsev Nikolai Nikolaevich
    Cabinet №202
    e-mail: rabtsaunn@ipps.by

Service of the Company for Information

  • Department of State Information Systems (resources)
    Head of Department: Kirylchyk Inesa Dmitrievna
    Cabinet №416
    Phone: (8-017) 290-07-57
    e-mail: kirilchik@ipps.by

  • The front office of information resources and information systems, registration information resources
    Cabinet №408
    Phone: (8-017) 290-07-53
    e-mail: regres@ipps.by

The primary trade union organization

  • Chairman of Trade Union Committee: Vipovskaya Tatiana Alexandrovna
    Cabinet №221
    Phone: (8-017) 292-57-53
    e-mail: Vipovskaya@ipps.by

  • Deputy Chairman of the Trade Union Committee: Misura Artem Fedorovich
    Cabinet №211
    Phone: (8-017) 290-07-68
    e-mail: artemFM@ipps.by