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RUERE Software Applied Systems Institute

The Company was founded in 1971 to develop the software and information technology for organizations, businesses and organs of government.

The most products, developed by Company for Application Software Systems are global and effectively applied at national level.

The Company carries out the orders of more than 400 organizations, organs of government, institutions and enterprises in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

We offer cooperation in software development, enterprise system creation, automation of accounting work in unproductive sphere, complex automation of organs of governments and other institutions.

The main activities of the Company

Software engineering;

Creation of e-government infrastructure;

The development of electronic government and commercial services;

Comprehensive services for creating and maintaining digital archives of documents in electronic form of legal entities;

Maintenance of previously developed information systems;

State registration of information systems and information resources and maintain the public registry;

Organization and participation in the Inter-ministerial Commissions for acceptance into service software, computer hardware, information resources, technologies and systems, computer and telecommunication networks;

Outsourcing of government information systems;

Implementation of projects to create business application software;

Integrated automation of public sector accounting;

Implementation of projects to build information resources and databases creation

Provision of scientific and technical information services in the field of informational support on the activities of the Company;

Research and creation of automated corporate organizational and economic management for governments and other organizations;

Organization and participation in the Inter-ministerial Commission for acceptance into service software, computer hardware, information resources, technologies and systems, computer and communication networks;

The development of automated systems to collect baseline data, analysis and performance evaluation of computerisation conditions in the Republic of Belarus.

Technological centers of competence

requirements collection and analysis
project evaluation
feasibility study
architecture development, it-solutions
user interface development
information security
integration testing
data migration
documentation elaboration
software implementation
user training
maintenance and support